Women's Organization - Uttrakhand Mahila Parishad

Committee has instituted 16 women organization out of which 6 organizations are active, 6 are general and rest of the 4 organizations are inert. Because of the male domination, illiteracy of women, orthodoxy, etc. women organizations couldn’t be activated fully. But whichever are participating, they have helped in shaping the forest and extended helping-hand in social & developmental tasks of the village. Though, it hasn’t reaped fruit even after trying hard. But in 1993-94 a women group organization of village called ‘Rolmail’ was succeeded in preventing the manufacturing of country liquor in village area. It inspired other organizations also from village to state level. Thus the ‘Rolmail’ became the role model for all. It was largely a commendable work.

In and around women organizations of Pati block eventually allied to form a regional Uttrakhand Mahila Parishad which works towards the solution of problems pertaining to region and its women.