Water Harvesting

During his posting as army personnel in Sikkim’s snowy regions in 1976-77, Committee’s Chairman Sri Krishnanand Gahtodi has observed that instead of metal pipes, plastic pipes were used for the water supply in households from the icy sources. Because of the extreme cold the metal pipes would burst off, therefore plastic pipes were used. Gahtodi ji thought that plastic pipe would be used in his village to use the waste draining waters of natural resources for the household purpose. Hence in 1976 when he was in his way back to village to spend his vacation, he bought some plastic pipe form Haldwani. After arriving there, he thrived to bring aloof situated water source home. Viewing his experiment other families in his village adapted the same and succeeded to reach the water their homes with the help of plastic pipe. At present around 18-19 families are savoring this facility. Plastic pipes are cheaper than iron pipes and they don’t decay after pitching it for years. Through this, people can have round the clock water supply notwithstanding the seasons. It doesn’t require any project or engineer. People can repair it themselves whenever any disruption detected.

This project is functioning since 1996-97 with the help of USN. The mountainous waters flouting in streams and trenches are stored in poly tanks through plastic pipes and this water is being used for the drinking and irrigation purpose of the kitchen garden. Broader leaves species are being planted in and around the water sources and are properly maintained. The residue water is being used for fishing.

With the help of Committee in many villages of the region the water is being conserved by using alkathin pipes and supplied to every household. Now people of the region don’t have to depend upon water supplying bodies. In that way people are transforming the conserved water into small pond and using it for fishing purpose, thus creating employment in the region.