Poly house and Tank

Poly house progarmme is been inspirational for people. It facilitates rural farmers in preparing saplings in time. Farmers prepare tomato, cauliflower, cabbage, brinjal, etc. in poly house and plant those outside in the fields. It helps in timely production and farmers fetch good market rate for them.

By providing off-seasonal vegetables in poly houses farmers can increase their income. It has become a mean of self employment for rural population and has lessened the migration of rural youth.

Thus far 53 poly houses are being put in place by Committee. Viewing the success of the program now other NGO’s and Govt. garden department are extending their help. It has offered self employment to rural youth, thus preventing their migration towards cities.

Committee only provides poly sheet to the beneficiary for free. People shape-up their poly house their selves. Generally the structure is made of wood which is available in forest for free. It makes pay less and people can construct it themselves. Thus Committee gives priority to industrious people. Poly house is chiefly used to prepare saplings, crops get ready in advance. Earlier people used to grow potato, radish, spinach, etc. for their personnel consumption but after availing poly house, brinjal, Pepsi gum, tomato, cabbage, etc. are grown in the region and it has become a major source of income.

Sri Devi Dutt, a veteran, has constructed his poly house after getting it from Committee. He vended its products 27 km away from his village in Lohaghat market and met his family’s ends. At present he disposes Rs. 30-40,000’s vegetable per year. In the same time a youth from Kota, after taking high school exams, has got poly house from the Committee and is earning around 50-60,000/year by it. Thus many people in region have adapted it as their main mean of income and that is very motivating.

Polythin Tank

Under water conservation, Committee, by using plastic pipes, has applied polythin tanks to store stream waters. Waters stored in these tanks are used to irrigate the vegetables and have augmented the production immensely. Hitherto, Committee has built 9 polythin tanks in the region which are nicely used in irrigation, etc.

Polythin tanks are easily affordable to all. Just by digging in and around a house a poly sheet is spread upon it in such a manner that it takes a shape of small tank. Water is stored in it and is pulled out by pipe or bucket whenever needed. It saves both time and water. Thus water tank was proved very functional.