Establishment of ideal dense nursary in 1991

The nursery came into being with the financial help of USN, year 1991, in village Toli. After fencing and providing irrigation facilities in 40 hectors civil land in 1992-93 the production had begun. A youth was being appointed as a gardener to look after it. The selling of nursery products kicked off in 1994-95. The management of nursery ran on the earnings of the nursery products. The amount fetched by production cost and income difference was invested in the beautification of the village and public places and purchasing of social apparatus of the village and Committee’s office. At present, due to being a conserved area, the nursery is transformed in a dense forest.

The nursery plants were sold at block level, van panchayat of districts, civil lands and Government & non-governments organization. Fast growing species like popular, utish, etc. were planted in and around residences and climbing plants were supported by framework.

Thereafter, the area was transformed into forest. Though, in the beginning, the villagers had shown resistance against the formation of forest but gradually it developed into an ideal forest which has Surai, Sahtut, Banj Buransh, Shalex, utis, Baken and other wild species.

Taking muse from the same; the near-by village organizations have set-up their own forest area. For the water conservation in the region many water puddles have been made. That helped in containing moisture and reformed water streams. In this context, some rainy ponds were dug in the forest area by Committee to harvest the rain water for the drinking purpose of wild and domestic animals, as well.

Impact of the establishment of dense forest nursery

It inspired near-by villagers to conserve plants in their private and public places so as to form dense forest of wider leaves & fodder species. It is evident in Barara, Kuntha, KImbadi, Tapnipal and other villages. In these villages, women group being formed under ‘Balwari’ program are shaping dense forest by conserving plants. Committee from 1993 to 1995 with help of USN has walled trees, repaired and planted in the collective lands of farmers with their support. It has conserved the area and also provided fodder by grafting pear into mehal plants. In 2001-02 the Toli nursery was expanded by the Committee. At present the Committee is endeavoring to develop this area as a modal of dense forest.

For the developments, expansion, reform and conservation the Committee, while initiating social upliftment works in the rural atmosphere, has realized that if villagers are provided with financial aids and inspired to reform animal race alongwith cattle houses and fodder, the density of plants will increase itself.

The required amount of money can be issued by cutting down on the funding of forestation projects being carried out by other departments. However this is only a suggestion. Committee activist keep inspiring villagers through meetings, seminars and other mediums at their level best. Though, because of the lack of financial aid it sometimes becomes a lamentable subject.