Rural cleanliness program

Committee is running this program since 1992-93 with help of USN. The program is important in view of the increasing ailments in villages due to the lack of cleanliness. Eyeing the necessity of the people, this progarmme has been floored. People in village used to store & litter their filths and impurity on paths, in drains and at public places which in turn would impede commuting or create difficulty using drain water. But today this problem is tackled almost and two villages are completely affected by it.

The Committee has built 25 toilets in village Toli which abodes 15 families. Almost 20 toilets were built by villagers themselves. Today in this village because of small subscription by committee, people themselves are making toilets and affectively using them. The whole region has become hygienically clean and filth less.

In addition to that, in village Sadend 40% families have built their own toilets with the help of committee. Apart from that, Committee has helped built toilets in village Rolamail, Piptali, Josuda, Pum, Pati, Gahtoda,, Jankand, Joladi, Punakot, etc. so far Committee has got built 236 private toilets, 4 public toilets and 14 public women bathrooms in 25 villages. Generally women organization selects the beneficiary family for the private toilets. However priority is given to the poor ones but due to scarcity of money it takes time for them to build or some time it is left incomplete. Viewing this problem, financially sound families are helped in toilet construction. This encourages other families to follow. In villages where there is no organization, the Committee decides over the beneficiary. Financial aid is yielded in the form of hard cash. Half of the help is released when the pit gets ready and rest of it after completion of toilet.

Sri Devi Dutt, who got his toilet built with the help of Committee has to say that “I was in dire need of toilet so I received little help from Committee and rest I arranged on my own. Now it doesn’t filth back and forth whether it rains or snows. Earlier when we would go on others field to abluate we had to listen abuses. Now it is convenience and cleanliness for all”.

Due to the construction of toilets and bathrooms in the region, women are specifically benefited. They have to feel embarrassing in the daytime and walk off to forest where there was fear of unsocial elements always. Now they don’t have to feel awkward and are provided with hygienical facility.