Health Program

Committee, with the help of USN, is administrating health program since 1997. The region’s women are being trained to be a midwife and so far 12 are trained such. These women are taught about parturition and are armed with delivery kit, etc. also the rural women are informed about diseases, health of women and child, vaccination of women, polio, lukoria alongwith the precautions at the time of parturition.

Under the progarmme, the data of ailments exist in region are collected and send to the health department so that these disorders are eliminated. Women are specifically informed about the ailments so that they can protect themselves from epidemic by finding there root cause.

In the health program, health teachers enlight rural women about how to set aside their hitch and no to hide their diseases, home treatment alongwith meeting, health fair, health photographs and health calendar. This program provides a better base for women. They call on health teachers at the time of their sickness. Health teachers also help those getting treatments, reaching them hospital and informing their custodians about her alongwith sending the data of diseases taking place in the region through monthly letters.

USN trains midwives and in turn those women help others at the time of delivery in their respective regions. Midwives inform and arrange to the hospital in the situation women couldn’t delivered. In delivery, precautions and cleanliness are most stressed upon in comparison to earlier times; midwives are more interested thus helping rural women.

The health program has a good impact on whole rural society. Women now don’t hesitate to reveal there disorders.