Fishries Program

For the pond of 100sq/mt. a grant of Rs. 4000 and Rs. 5000 is allotted respectively to the General cast beneficiary and SC beneficiary after the completion of pond.

At present only Toli has 17 fish ponds. Apart from it, village Kimadi has 4, Joladi 4, Lakhanpur 3, Rolamail 4, Mumwari 3, Niloti 2, sakdena 2, Pokhri, Tapnipal 2 and Dahroj 2 ponds. Presently Sri Krishnanad Gahtodi has 4 and Sri Pitambar Gahtodi 2 ponds. Each pond yields 80-150kg fish every year. It is sold easily at the rate of 80/kg in the local market. Thus there is no problem of trading. Generally species of common carp, silver carp, grass carp, rohu and other are breaded. Technical guidance and essential tools are consistently received from the side of chief scientist Dr. V C Tyagi, scientist K D Joshi and Sri Prem Kumar of National Cold Water Fishery Research Center, Bhimtal. It is speeding up the expansion of the program. NCWFR has honored both Sri Pitamber Gahtodi and Sri Krishnanand Gahtodi for their excellent work; also Garhwal University has conferred the title “Mtsya Sri” upon Sri Krishnanad Ji.

Fish breeding is catching on in this region and has precluded youth migration in search of employment. The Committee has got new identity by the success of and awards for this program. Both Krishnanand and Sri Pitamber are identified as “Machli Wale” promptly by the people of the region.

Both Sri Krishnanand and Pitamber and other activist of the Committee inform that to show right direction to their constructive thoughts they still avail inspiration and guidance of Sri Harinandan Gahtodi.