Balwari Program

With the help of USN, Environment Conservation Committee is running this progarmmee since 1994-95. Committee’s Director & guardian Sri Pitamber Gahtodi took part in Balwari path shower training camp program being conducted by USN and has operated such five balwari centers in the region till 1998-99. Owing to proposals from various villages, 17 centers have been operated in block Pati. All the centers were intact till year 2001-01.

Because of some indispensable reasons, in year 2001-02, some centers (Primary school, aganbadi, and migration) had to be closed. At present 13 balwari centers are being operated.

Children of an average age of 2 to 6 are educated for their comprehensive development in the centers.

Village sends proposal before the commencing of balwari, thereafter committee calls for meeting in village and with help of villagers, guardians and Committee a teacher is selected and his participation is defined.

Giving priority to handicapped children, the pre-school teachings are given in the form of play. Children are taught to sit in the queue and about blandishment through music. Apart from teaching community meals, cleanliness, etc. they are also taught how to read & write. The education is focused on environment conservation.

This program is helping in the inclusive development of children, alongwith village girls are appointed as a child teacher. This is not only enhancing their education but also developing them in intellectual, social, mental and political areas.

Almost 150 girls of Pati region have adapted this program and through these balwaris only women organizations in villages have succeeded in forest conservation, water conservation and impeding liquor and irregular grazing in their respective villages.

Thus balwari program has been a motivation for this region since its inception. Alongwith wide-ranging development of children, this program also helped in advancement of village for instance, informing women, setting-up women organizations, conserving water and forest, boosting self confidence of women, increasing the interest of girls in education and concluding ones work while leaving children in balwari.

Impact of balwari program

1. Sociality in children- Due to the balwari, children diverted their propensity towards education. When children are admitted in primary school or any other institution they march ahead easily in cultural education, sports, etc. fields. Physically challenged children have got opportunities go ahead through balwari.

2. Supervision facility for villagers- In rural area, which is based on agriculture, women are getting help in attendance and education of their children. Women, by dropping their children in balwari, can wind-up their essential works.

3. Changes appeared in child teachers and adolescents-Teachers are trained in balwari. A general meeting is convened every month which has helped in the development of girls and also progressed in the field of education.

Many teachers have improved their education by participating in balwari program. These teachers have become a source of inspiration for other girls to go for education.

A change in the orthodox ideology of village, development in village, participation in public progarmme, discussion, etc. have become possible through balwari only. No hesitation was found in children who attended primary school, shisu mandir or any other institution from balwari. They have been also seen participating in every function held ion school.

A monthly meeting of balwari teachers is organized in which they all assemble to practice task related to balwari. On this occasion Committee President Sri Krishnanad Gahtodi and guide Km. Meena Vohra informed teachers about concerned works.

In balwari, children are taught to make paper garland, leaf garland, clay balls, dolls, bottles, boxes, separate the mixed grains alongwith wooden tracts. Letting them know about dew drops, plants, fields, etc. while roaming.

Child fair programs

Child fair programs are conducted every year in different balwari centers. All balwari teachers and children participate in this program. In this fair each balwari children practice every affair of balwari. And stuffs prepared by children are put on display. Parents and regional public remain cheerful viewing kid’s program in stammering language. In front of public, under the discussion on benefits by balwari etc., many problems are met to solution.

The child fair excites children also who get ready to visit one another’s village in advance. This is curbing down their hesitation. Also by staging good programs and displaying their balwari in a better way, teacher’s self power floats high. This helps improve the quality of balwari program.